Fuck Yeah, L.A. Noire Fanart

Expect an abundance of slash, but all L.A. Noire-related fan materials are welcome.

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Also, check out fuckyeahlanoire, a fantastic LA Noire tumblr that has pretty much everything to do with LA Noire & the fandom.

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A result of boredom with my evening.

This is really old (like, made just a tad bit after I found out L.A. Noire was out), but er. Yeah. xD I love LA Noire and I’m kind of stalking this tumblr already, so I thought I’d contribute. <3

I wish THIS was Reefer Madness…

Video made by serene-shadows

I don’t know if this is considered fan art, but…enjoy something small and stupid made by me.


Let’s compare Bekowsky and Earle a bit (by krshify)

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